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Partnering with like-minded organizations

Partnering with like-minded organizations


Earlier this year, we collaborated with Raising The Roof (Chez Toit) to make baseball caps for their latest initiative, Altitude. Raising the Roof is an organization that partners with diverse stakeholders in Toronto to provide long-term solutions to homelessness. Their initiative, Altitude, provides professional training, meaningful work experience, and employment opportunities to youth facing homelessness. Working with Raise the Youth and their participants in the design of baseball caps was the most rewarding part of our experience. We sat down to brainstorm ideas and discuss the features of the caps to make their vision come to life.

We were honored to work with the very first Altitude cohort, and we are committed to helping them reach their goal of selling 1,000 caps, which you can find at our pop-up events and retail locations. All proceeds go towards the program and the support of Raising the Roof’s mission, vision, and values. You can learn more at:



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