Everybody who wants to support a cause should be able to, no matter the amount. That’s why we partner with our customers to improve the fashion supply chain together, from the ground up. 

#JoinTheProgress to support the welfare of workers who lack retirement benefits in Bangladesh - the world's second-largest clothing manufacturer. All your contributions go towards enrolling our seamstresses and seamers into insurance policies that provide them with a retirement pension and accident coverage. 

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About the policy
  • LifeLine is a retirement pension plan that supports our seamers and seamstresses with a monthly income for living expenses. 
  • The pension requires a monthly payment for a fixed time window (5 years or more) for the policy holders to receive a monthly income when they retire. 
  • The policies belong to the workers, and they can add more benefits into their plan, as well as collect funds if needed.
  • MetLife was founded in 1868 and has a global presence in 50 countries.
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