How It Works

Progoti purchases policies that provide a defined retirement benefit plan (i.e, life insurance and pensions) for Bangladeshi garment workers through the contributions of customers like you. Our business model offers garment workers a new kind of hope.

Operating with a sliding scale, each purchase offers a voluntary option to contribute to the purchase of benefit plans, and we make every dollar count. Helping change the world doesn’t have to be drawn along the same lines that already divide us. We want to enable anyone who wants to make an impact. As we strive to make retirement benefits more accessible for workers, we are also making social change as inclusive as possible. Contributions from $1 to $100 carry the same value in our books.

The traditional retail model tries to keep production costs as low as possible to maximize profit for one stakeholder. We have a different approach. Our prices provide savings and allow customers to contribute directly to the long-term welfare of those vulnerable workers clothing the world. Unlike the traditional profit-driven approach, Progoti has developed a transparent model that maintains affordable prices value-worthy garments, while improving the lives of workers. 

Our business model is guided by our core values of transparency and collectiveness. We believe that our customers deserve to know where their money is going, and that they, like us, wish to make a difference in the lives of the people making the clothes we wear. By making our business model publically available, announcing total amounts earned through contributions, and celebrating the purchase of each retirement policy, we honor our responsibilities to both our customers and to our workers. When a business model aligns so seamlessly with the principles it strives to promote, there is truly nothing to hide.

Our commitment to transparency has another benefit. We believe that by openly sharing our model we can inspire other entrepreneurs and changemakers. Our successes should be shared, and that’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for others to adopt, implement, and revise our model. Because we understand business should be open and integrated with the rest of society, not closed and protective of profits, we are committed to building friends and allies with whom we can build a cooperative network. We strongly believe that it is only through collective action and reciprocity that society can flourish.


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