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How It Works

Progoti purchases insurance policies that provide retirement benefits for garment workers with customer contributions. When purchasing our products, you can opt for a voluntary contribution (any amount) to enroll our seamstresses into insurance policies that cover their retirement benefits. We are weaving a safety net for garment workers, together with you, our customers.

Conventional retail keeps production costs low to maximize profits while disregarding fair value for suppliers, and even worse, the people working there. Our approach is different. We prioritize the prosperity of our community (customers and workers) over skewed profits. 

Our products include a cost breakdown of all our expenses to empower customers to choose their impact, similar to the “pay what you want” pricing model. All your contributions fund retirement policies. 

We believe businesses have a deeper responsibility and commitment to the communities they engage with. We strive for absolute transparency because, when genuine intent and honesty align, there is nothing to hide.  We also believe our customers deserve to know where their money is going and wish to make an impact with their wallet.

We are building a direct grassroots connection between conscious consumers and workers. So far we have enrolled 22 workers into retirement policies brokered by Metlife Bangladesh.


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