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A message to our community

A message to our community

The last few weeks have been unsettling, to say the least. On top of a global pandemic, a reality check on our current social state has revealed how shattered our social contracts are. The murder of George Floyd marked a tipping point and an awakening for people of all communities to stand up against systemic injustice towards the Black community and other BIPOC communities.

Our full-time team is small, and both of us are from communities of color. As such, we feel the responsibility to voice our stance and share what we are doing to support BIPOC communities. The struggles for BIPOC communities of all backgrounds, nationalities, and orientations are very complex, and within these complexities, there are similarities. As people of color, we have personally experienced and witnessed inequality in different degrees and manners. Unfortunately, for many, this is a stark reality that people have learned to endure.

Now more than ever, we all need to reflect on how we will fit into this shift and hold ourselves accountable for the actions we take to either support or change a system built upon the disadvantaging and prejudice of BIPOC communities. Our underlying motivation is to educate, be a reference, and partner with individuals that care for the advancement of vulnerable communities.

We will make a conscious effort to work with organizations that are allies in the advancement of communities of color, and are aware of their position of power to do so. This has been true since our beginning and we reinstate our priority to work with like-minded people.

We make a conscious effort to share content that provides knowledge and inspiration for people (youth) to witness how social enterprises can be a driver for positive change. If you are a young professional looking to gain experience - reach out. We want to share our knowledge and help guide the next generation of changemakers.

Our responsibility is to help our communities grow and evolve for the betterment of all disadvantaged communities regardless of their origin, orientation, or any discriminatory factor. We strive to inspire others and provide somewhat of a reference for a new breed of grassroots businesses embedding social impact into their operations and distributing fair value to all involved.

We hope that our journey will serve this purpose and motivates more people to take positive action because love will always overcome hate 💚 



Nurjahan & Raul

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