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Social Impact we have achieved together

Social Impact we have achieved together

At the beginning of the year, we go to Bangladesh to purchase fabrics, make new items, and achieve our underlying mission - weaving a safety net for the seamstresses making our clothes. Together, we are demonstrating that positive impact can happen when we unite forces.

2019 has been our best year, and we are incredibly grateful for your support in impacting the livelihoods of our workforce, and making a call for improving conditions further up in supply chains. Here's the impact you've helped us achieve.


Our sales came from the online store, as well as pop-ups, and other events we attended. This revenue fairly paid for the work of our supply chain, including those involved in the production, shipment, and distribution. Every person involved earned a livable wage.  Additionally, we raised $CAD10K through voluntary contributions from you guys, our allies. All of this money directly funds our retirement benefits program for the workers making your clothes.


Most customers opted to make an impact through a voluntary contribution that was on average $10. We are proud of this figure because it shows that our concept resonates with people who want to make a vote with their wallets. We have even had generous contributions over $50, more evidence that the voluntary contribution concept is empowering customers to consider the degree of their impact.


So far, we have enrolled 19 workers into insurance policies that provide them with a monthly retirement pension and accident coverage. These policies have an annual fee of $225 and are paid through your voluntary contributions. After five yearly payments, a worker can withdraw the accumulated funds for emergencies as a policy owner. For us, it's a way to lay the foundation for their long-term welfare once they retire, and we aim to continue supporting their retirement with your help.

We are proud to represent a new breed of business and hope that our efforts inspire others to integrate social impact as a core component of their businesses. Together, we are showing that social impact can occur when conscious customers and businesses align. We are excited to embark on a new year with a new collection that reflects our growth and evolution as a brand. We are currently working to show you what’s coming, tell you our story and bring you along on this journey. Thank you for an exciting 2019 and cheers for more to come!

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